Iphone photography, go on get out and take some photographs!

by Dec 21, 2015

We all have smart phones these days, with iphones, etc and the quality and resolutions of the built in cameras are getting better than ever. Why not try to take more photographs and start uploading to your own blog or image sharing social media site.

Social media sites like Instagram are great for sharing these images worldwide and very easy to join. Why not look into this as an area to improve your photography and the way you look at everyday things, places etc.

Some of the most interesting subjects are simple everyday things we take for granted and you do not have to venture off far to find interesting subjects.

As an example look at your camera for close ups, macro shots, angled shots, low angled shots, different slant on the concept of your image.

If you want to see my Instagram posts you can follow me search for markeslick. Good shooting!

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