Restoration of old family photograph

This was a restoration project commissioned by a business client who wanted something special to be created as a Christmas present. Initially the original old torn and faded print was scanned with a hires flatbed scanner, then I retouched and restored the original...

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Adding Safety Glasses to this image

Our client instructed us to make changes to this original image of a road cleaning vehicle at night. We were asked to digitally add safety glasses to the roadside workers in the picture. This was achieved by taking photographs of individual models in a similar pose,...

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Retouching of old Photograph

I was commissioned by a client to take an old supplied vehicle picture taken in 1982 and cutout the image, plus add a shutter to cover the side opening. I used photoshop to edit the picture.

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Marrakesh night scene-low light photography

This photograph was taken of the Medina in Marrakesh early in the evening just after the sun had gone down. The exposure was 5 seconds, and in order to capture the movement of people in the square, I was not able to use a tripod, so I used a nearby window ledge to...

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Slow motion photography

Use a tripod and slow shutter speed to capture everyday people in a street, or cars, vehicles etc. This can create some very interesting effects. Have fun today!  

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Taking pictures with your Iphone!

Iphones are so convenient these days, and have the ability to take good quality images. Here is one I took at the weekend in Poole, Dorset. I just loved the silhouette on this tree against the amazing sky. I took this image from my Camera roll into my iphone editing...

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Mosh up your pictures!

Try something different with your iphone or digital pictures. This free app allows you to mix up various effects to your pictures, it is great fun, and you can achieve all kinds of different colours and affects. Why not try it! Here is the link:- CLICK HERE TO ACCESS...

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Photographing meat!

This was a simple solution for the client, although it can be considered complicated to some. In this project we had a small area to photograph the cut of meat which had been cooked and sliced and placed on a wooden board in a small kitchen. The windows had to be...

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Food photography and retouching

Here is a good example of a recent photography project, where we needed to add background detail and change the blending of the image etc. The chosen image was edited in photoshop with layers, masks etc with further retouching of areas to highlight the food detail....

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