Photographing meat!

by Dec 21, 2015

This was a simple solution for the client, although it can be considered complicated to some. In this project we had a small area to photograph the cut of meat which had been cooked and sliced and placed on a wooden board in a small kitchen. The windows had to be blanked out with card and tape to eliminate any stray light.

We used a single light source from the left hand side, about 6 feet from the subject, then using a remote flash triggered from the cameras main remote slave. A tripod was used to hold the camera on a solid footing, plus using a remote trigger. Using a low iso of 100 we set the aperture to f13, focused on the end of the meat which was in the centre of the focus. A black background card was placed behind the table plus the lights were all turned out after manually focusing on the subject. A little work was done later in photoshop to edit the centre of focus and distort the background areas before finalising and sending to the client.

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