Tendercut Meats

Hampshire based Tendercut Meats are processors and packers of high quality own label and branded meats, specialising in packing frozen lamb, pork & beef.  Lamb is mainly sourced from New Zealand, pork & beef from approved European suppliers.

Tendercut Meats receive the primal meat cuts in a frozen or fresh state, which are then processed into chops, steaks & joints as required by its customer base. The majority of finished production is destined for retail meat cabinets in both UK and mainland Europe.

We were commissioned to take individual product photographs of the cooked meats to appeal to the end users the customers. These images were then used in packaging in national supermarkets throughout the UK.

The images were taken using a single light source in a darkened room, using the wood chopping board and side dishes used to decorate the central plated meat.

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